What are the benefits to living in a close-knit community? Find out at West Main in Awesome Alpharetta

It is not just our home environment that influences us; the neighborhood in which we live does too. A close-knit neighborhood can provide a sense of belonging, safety, and support.  Some interesting ideas are associated with living in a type of main street urban suburb.

According to this article in Niche.com here a few things to consider:

West Main Rendering

Proximity to both urban and suburban amenities. Urban suburbs tend to lie between a city and its more traditional suburban communities, which make its residents perfectly placed to take advantage of the amenities of both areas. You’ll likely be just as close to the city’s boutique shops and cultural venues as you are to the big box stores and large parks in the suburbs.

Small, close-knit feel. Urban suburbs have a small town feel, and can give you a real sense of belonging.

One person can make a big difference. The smaller community in an urban suburb means that your volunteer work and activism can make a proportionately bigger difference in the lives of your neighbors, whether it is serving in the local government, helping with beautification efforts, or volunteering with local organizations.

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