Get Outdoors in Downtown Alpharetta – Walk From Your New Home at West Main

Fall is finally here! If you are looking for a way to get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful fall weather, look no further than Alpharetta. Home to, there is always a place to get out and enjoy life.

Award-Winning Parks

Alpharetta has over 800 acres of lush green space and parkland. There is something for everyone within the city limits. Get outdoors for a sunny day picnic, walk a trail to get in your 10,000 steps, an arboretum to educate and reflect, or a place for the kiddos to get out some energy. 

Free Outdoor Fitness and Sport Experiences

Alpharetta’s free outdoor fitness and sports activities offer something for everyone without opening your wallet with award-winning parks, green space galore, and nature paths to explore. See all here

Outdoor Arts and History in Alpharetta

Escape the day-to-day to find something creative or educational in Alpharetta during your getaway. Alpharetta’s 150+ year history is on outdoor display too. Find more here

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