Soleil Belmont Park

Patrick Malloy Communities Wins 11 Awards at 2022 Annual OBIE Awards – October 22, 2022 at The Georgia Aquarium

Patrick Malloy Communities has won consistently over the years at the Annual OBIE Awards held each fall.  Patrick Malloy Communities has won 56 Professionalism Awards from 2017 – 2022 including 2 Community of the Years Awards.

This year’s event was hosted by The Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association.  The event marked the 42nd annual Professionalism (OBIE) Awards celebration and was held on Saturday, October 22nd at the Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta. With over 100 different categories, the OBIE awards celebrate outstanding achievements in homebuilding and highlight those in the homebuilding industry for excellence in building, marketing, and personal achievement.

Gold Awards

  •  Homebuilders Building 100 plus homes – $600,000 – $700,000 – Soleil Belmont Park – Tifton C floorplan
  •  Sales Center – Soleil Belmont Park
  • On Site Signs – Soleil Belmont Park
  • Advertising Campaign – Bldr/Dev Over $10k

Silver Awards

  •  Newspaper Ad – Soleil Belmont Park
  • Print Ad-New Homes Publication – Soleil Belmont Park
  • Community Brochure- Soleil Belmont Park
  • Community Logo – Soleil Belmont Park
  •  Billboard – Soleil Belmont Park
  • Advertising Campaign Builder/Dev Under $10K – Soleil Belmont Park
  • Online Banner Ad – Kyle Farm

Patrick Malloy Communities won a total of 11 awards for 2022 with their signature Active-Adult Community of Soleil Belmont Park winning 9 of the 11 awards!

About Patrick Malloy Communities

Patrick Malloy Communities (PMC) was founded in 1994 by Patrick Malloy, and since that time has built over 5,000 exceptional homes across the Atlanta metro area. A recipient of more than 56 professionalism awards, PMC neighborhoods are thoughtfully designed to create a unique and enriching living experience for their homeowners. Patrick Malloy is one of a handful of large private builders to have survived the down turn, continuing to employ the same management team that now has as an average tenure of 20+ years. Every operational decision and company philosophy centers around 1.) delivering an exceptional home in an exceptional community, and 2.) creating a unique and enjoyable homebuyer experience.

Patrick Malloy Communities continue their long-standing tradition and commitment to building high-quality homes that offer exceptional features in neighborhoods that enhance people’s lives and cultivate a sense of community.

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