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Why Buy a New Home – Find Yours at Active Adult – Soleil Belmont Park

When you’re planning a move, it’s normal to wonder where you’ll end up and what your future home is going to look like. Maybe you’ve got a specific picture of that house in your mind. But unless you came into this process knowing you want to buy a newly built home, you may not have pictured new home construction.

A trusted real estate agent can help walk you through these two reasons you may want to reconsider that.

1. Adding Newly Built Homes Could Give You More Options

There are two types of homes on the market: new and existing. A newly built home refers to a house that was just built or is under construction. An existing home is one a previous homeowner has already lived in. Right now, the inventory of existing homes is tight. But there may be options for you on the new home side of things.

2. Newly Built Homes May Be More Affordable Than You’d Think

You may still be wondering if a new build could really be an option for you. If you’ve previously written them off because you thought they would be out of your budget, consider this. The price gap between a newly built home and an existing house is shrinking.  Read full article on  See Jefferson video here.

Soleil Belmont Park is an epitome of luxury living tailored specifically for active adults aged 55 and above. Nestled in the picturesque locales of Milton and Canton, this Patrick Malloy Community promises a maintenance-free lifestyle, brimming with comfort, elegance, and a suite of amenities designed to enrich everyday living. The community boasts 471 meticulously designed homes, each reflecting a commitment to quality and convenience. Residents can immerse themselves in a unique living experience where the architectural beauty of the homes harmonizes with the natural surroundings, creating a serene yet luxurious ambiance.

Homes at Soleil Belmont Park offer a lifestyle focused on satisfaction and personal growth, with well-kept grounds and amenities like a pool and gym for relaxation and social engagement. The community emphasizes high living standards and fosters a sense of togetherness through regular events and gatherings.

 Ideally Located

Soleil Belmont Park blends city energy with rural tranquility, offering residents access to Canton, Milton, Downtown Alpharetta, and Avalon. The community provides luxury shopping, dining, and entertainment options for sophisticated tastes.

Soleil Belmont Park’s convenient location near major highways provides an easy access to Atlanta’s city center and the airport offers residents the best of both worlds, bridging urban life with a serene community atmosphere.

Soleil Belmont Park offers a high-quality lifestyle with elegant homes and serene surroundings, aiming to create a unique living experience blending city vibrancy with rural serenity.

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Priced From the $500’s – $800’s

Address: 305 Belmont Park Court, Canton, GA  30115

Phone:  770-635-4080

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